Mobdro FAQ

By | February 10, 2018
  1. What is Mobdro App?

Mobdro app is one of the best video streaming apps available for the Android devices. This can make your smartphones and tablets stream all the latest movies, sports events and other videos.

  1. Is Mobdro a Free Application?

You can find two different versions of the Mobdro App. One is the free version with limited features and the other one is the premium version with advanced features.

  1. What is the difference between the free and premium versions of Mobdro App?

The premium version of the Mobdro app provides support for Chromecast which is a feature that is not available in the free version. The paid version is also free from ads that helps the users to enjoy it in a more efficient way. You can find a lot of other additional features also in the Mobdro Premium app.

  1. How to get the Mobdro free APK?

The Mobdro APK can be downloaded from the official website of Mobdro. This file is available for free download from there. You can also download it from other websites over the Internet. However, this app is not available in the inbuilt app store of the Android devices, i.e. the Google Play Store.

  1. How can I get the premium version of the Mobdro APK?

Once you download and install the free version of the Mobdro app from the official website, it will provide you the option to upgrade to the premium version. Then the users can upgrade from there by paying the required amount of money.

  1. Can I get the premium version of the Mobdro app for free?
  1. Will Mobdro App affect the performance of your device?

Mobdro is a lightweight application having the APK file of size 29.7 Mb only. It can work well in a device having 2 GB RAM, without any hanging issues.

  1. Is Mobdro App safe to use?

Yes, Mobdro app is very much safe to use. It is rated as a safe app by almost all the popular Antivirus applications.

  1. How to download the Mobdro App for iOS?

As of now, Mobdro has not released any version of the application that can run on the iOS devices. However, due to the increased popularity of the Mobdro APK, you can expect its iOS version available in the market soon.

  1. Does the Mobdro App provide support for Chromecast?

If you are using the premium version of the Mobdro App, you will be able to sync it with Chromecast. Thus you can cast videos to the large screen of your television from your mobile phone with ease.

  1. Is Mobdro App able to support sharing options?

Yes, the Sharing option is one of the major attraction of the Mobdro App. While you are watching a video and feels that it should be shared with your friends, then Mobdro app provides an option for this. Every video available in the Mobdro App is provided with a “Share” button. Clicking on this button will provide the option to share that video with your friends either through any social media or even directly to them.

  1. Is the Mobdro App Compatible with Roku?

Mobdro is yet to release a version of this app that supports the Roku devices. But the pace at which the Mobdro app is getting developed gives a clear indication of the Roku support in the near future itself.

  1. Can the Mobdro App be installed on PCs?

Currently, no dedicated versions of the Mobdro App for PCs are available for download. However, there is a workaround for this. If you can install an A This provides a more efficient way of enjoying this amazing video streaming app.

  1. Can I watch sports channels using the Mobdro App?

The availability of the popular sports channels like the Start Cricket, Neo Sports, ESPN etc. is one of the most important attractions of the Mobdro App. It allows the users to view all their favorite sports events from their smartphones or tablets itself. The excellent streaming capabilities of this app allow the users to watch these events in extremely good quality.

  1. Is Mobdro App providing offline video streaming?

The Mobdro users can add the videos available in the app for offline viewing. This will download the videos while the device is connected to the Internet and hence allows the users to watch them at later stages even without an Internet connection.

  1. Can the Mobdro App be directly installed on the Android devices?

By default, the Android devices will not allow the installation of any application from outside the Google Play Store. However, if we enable the “installation of applications from unknown sources” option in the Android devices, the Mobdro app can be installed in it.

  1. Is Mobdro a paid app?

Mobdro provides a freemium version of this app which the users can download and use for free. However, it has some limitations as far as the features are considered. To make complete use of the available features, you should buy the premium version.

  1. What is the minimum requirement to download Mobdro app?

Mobdro requires your device to possess an Android Operating System if you want to install it in them. The current version of the Mobdro APK will support all the Android devices starting from Android 4.2.

  1. What is the latest version of the Mobdro App for Android?

The current version of the Mobdro App available for download from the official website is the version 2.0.60. As the app developers keep on updating the Mobdro app, it is recommended to have a regular check on the official website to make sure that you are using the latest version.

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